"Not everyone gets equal appreciation" Why?

Advanced english communication Skills training

Use your time wisely while working from home amid this corona virus pandemic. Enhance your communication skills for rapid professional growth. 

Note: After payment, you will instantly receive invoice and confirmation SMS. You will recieve videos through Email.


For above intermediate level English speakers
199 Limited Offer
  • Know Your Areas of Improvements
  • Audience Analysis & Selection of Contents
  • Let's Speak For Hours Without Interruptions
  • Confidence & Authority in Voice
  • Fluency: Myths, Barriers and Enhancements
  • Energy Variations & Convincing skills
  • Sense of Proportion
  • Voice Modulation & Emotions
  • Brevity: Precise & Concise Vocabulary
  • Let's Practice English Speaking with or Without Anyone


Classes will be conducted live. You will get a link to join the live classroom.


Ask your doubts during live sessions. Get your doubts cleared instantly.


In case if you miss you any class, you can download the class later.


Get personal feedback post training during one on one counseling sessions.


  • One To One Free Counseling
  • Free Grammar Course Through Email
  • Professional Email Writing
  • Ideation Capacity Through Listening & Reading Skills
90% OFF

About The Trainer

Manish Prasad is the Founder and CEO of EngConvo and Usraz Education Private Limited. He has couseled more than 5000+ students for their speaking skills. Being head of research department and language lab at EngConvo, he has minutely understood the opportunities areas of learners across the globe and helped them to speak with efficacy. 

Manish Prasad, Conducting Seminar on "Importance of Communication Skills For Professional Life" in an event 'Logomaniac', organised by EngConvo during annual Fest 'Celesta' at IIT Patna

Be Confident

Speak in front of anyone without any hesitation. Be it normal conversation or public speaking, speak with confidence.

Be Fluent

Speak with proper pauses and gaps, Learn to surpass the situation when you don't have right words or content at right moment.

Be Efficient

Speak with proper tone, articulation, modulation and precise selection of words with proper sense of proportion.

Glimpse of Class...

Two students answer the same question but they get different marks. Why? Its your communication skills that decides your efficacy to be appreciated more than anyone. Communication is an art that helps you to captivate the surrounding and helps you build an appreciable rapport at your workplace. Watch the adjacent/below video to witness the class content.


What people say?

I was overwhelmed to have my employees trained by Manish. I have observed 37% surge in the conversion ratio.
Sujeet Jha
Coo & Co-Founder, Legal Salah
I had enrolled for one to one conversation course. My trainer was Mr. Manish. He helped me in preparing for my lectures.
Dhirendra Kumar
Chief Manager (Faculty), UBI
Manish sir helped me identify my areas of improvement which were never told to me by anyone. I am glad to see my improvements.
Amit Patel
NRI, Seattle, USA
I was trained for Public speaking by Manish Sir and Rajib sir at EngConvo. Their training helped me to coach and motivate thousands of national athletes across India.
B. G. Nagaraj
Sprinter, Commonwealth Games, 2010
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