How to ask for help in different ways?

How to ask for help in different ways?

The best part of English proficiency is its variation in use, for expression of an opinion or thought to someone. A word can be stated in a particular sentence in multiple ways and so can a sentence be laid out in front of someone in different shapes and formats. Now, asking help maybe a difficult thing for you, but often it is required for people to do something, as an offer or maybe as an appeal. In each of the circumstances, the sentence displayed will be unlikely but the basic content will anyway remain the same ‘ HELP ME OUT.’ Under different context, you may seek help but your choice of words are something to learn about. This article is framed for you to understand and learn to introspect various context in which the word it is used and subsequently how you can ask for help in different ways.

EngConvo, one of the top online spoken English site learning site in India, has incorporated the teaching of such uses and a clear picture of the various sentences that can be shaped in a particular context and it’s a difference in another context. Here you will observe such a clear picture of the ways to seek help in a different context and it’s a distinction from its parallel use in a different context.

  • ‘It‘ used as a verb:
  • Help in terms of making it easier or possible for (someone/ you) to act upon something. In this regard, you may even use the synonyms of the word ‘help’ like ‘ aid’, ‘assist’, ‘succour’, ‘chip in’ and ‘lend’.
  • Help in terms of offering or serving (someone/you) a service or resources. Even in this case, words like ‘lend’, ‘assist’ and ‘aid’ is used.

In both of this situation, the sentence would display a task that you are asking someone to do as a ‘favour’. Under these circumstances, you can ask help in many ways. Here are some of the sentences.

  1. Can you please help me out with ….?
  2. Can you do me a favour, please?
  3. May you lend me a hand to …..?
  4. Can you rescue me by …..?
  5. Can you assist me in….?
  6. Can you give me your assistance to….?
  7. Can you aid me with…?
  8. Would you mind helping me?
  9. Will you help me with a…?
  10. Will you do me a favour?

These are the ways in which you can ask it from someone to get a service or resource that is not feasible for you to acquire all alone. For example ‘ can you please assist me in my daily household work?’ or ‘ can you aid me with a pen?’

  • It is used as a noun:

In this scenario, help denotes the action that (you/someone) may derive for doing something. The words that can be used here are ‘assistance’, ‘cooperation’, ‘comfort’, ‘support’, ‘aid’, ‘guidance’, ‘a helping hand ‘, ‘ advice ‘, etc.

Now, how do you frame the sentence with these words? The answer is very simple. Whatever help you wish to ask from someone, replace the word ‘help’ with any of these words you find suitable according to your perspective and portray the sentence accordingly.  

  1. I need/ require your assistance in…
  2. I need your guidance over…
  3. I need your advice in…
  4. I need your support for…
  5. I am in dire need of your cooperation for…
  6. I am in dire need of your comfort…

In this place, you will find something new. If you observe minutely, you are actually asking help in terms of specification. The specification of the action you seek which may be ‘guidance’ or maybe ‘advice’ or even maybe ‘ support.’. For example, ‘ I need your guidance over my spoken English lessons.’ Or ‘ I am in dire need of your support for my upcoming dance competition.’

  • The help used as an exclamation:

Help is used in an exclamatory sentence when the context demands urgent assistance and or in case of an appeal.  In this account, the word is directly used because the situation demands the easy way out due to urgency. Sometimes even phase like ‘help me out’ is used. Like,

  1. “Help! I am in deep danger.”
  2. “Help! Can someone get me out of here?”
  3. “Help me out, please! I am dying.”
  4. “Help me out! Someone, please help me out.”

While asking for help from someone, there are two things you always need to remember when stating your words. They are (1) politeness (2) the other words used in the sentence. When asking a help, it is obvious that you are in a situation where you need someone else to fix it and therefore need to be very courteous and polite for the receiver to agree upon or understand the need of the hour. Besides, the words used in a particular sentence stands out to be important. Derogatory or rude words would give a negative vibe to the one you are seeking help from and might as well have a bad impression about you. In the case of speaking, there is another thing that counts in, that is the tone of your speech. With due respect, your essential tone should also be pleasing.

If you wish to learn more about this variation in the use of a word in different ways and different situation, you may contact EngConvo who are ready to serve you with some of the best online spoken English classes anytime and anywhere.

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