Best Spoken English class in Boring Road, Patna


It is quite obvious that Boring Road the posh area of Patna. Enriched with eminent schools, coaching classes for diverse exam preparation purposes and other necessities Boring Road is an education hub of Patna. And it’s a well-known fact that the development of any area has a lot to do with the language and quality of language being spoken in the localities. And when it comes to English Language, EngConvo, the fastest growing online institute and it has its offline institute in IAS Colony, Boring Road, Patna. It is the best spoken English class in Patna

Why EngConvo?

EngConvo at it’s Patna Center has facilitated with every possible facility that could be provided for the benefit of its students. With vast facilities for the students and other professionals, EngConvo has become the Best Spoken English class in Boring Road, Patna. EngConvo here provides-

  1. Day to Day English Conversation Courses,
  2. Business/Corporate English Communication course,
  3. IELTS preparation,
  4. Job Interview and Placement Recruitment Training course,
  5. General competition courses,
  6. Personality Development Classes,
  7. Technology-enabled classes,
  8. E-classroom,
  9. English Language lab,
  10. Online webinars on every weekend,
  11. Regular tests of students both online and offline,
  12. Professional and Corporate Trainers,
  13. The competitive approach in the method of teaching.
  14. Offline seminars at the Center every weekend.

Day to Day English Conversation Courses

Day To Day Spoken English Conversation Courses at EngConvo helps you to gain confidence, fluency, accuracy, and Efficacy for your day to day uses of the English language. Along with Speaking, enhance your Reading, Writing, and Listening Skills.

Business/Corporate English Communication Course

Don’t let the English communication to be a barrier in your path to get success in your business or corporate life. We assign you a highly qualified, well experienced corporate trainer who take your classes and help you to enhance your Business English communication starting from your level to reach your best possibilities.

IELTS Preparation

Let Your Dream Come True. Target To Achieve 8 Band in 1st Attempt with Certified IELTS Trainer & International Standard Learning Resources. Get training for IELTS with Certified Trainers. Have access to learning resources to practice all modules as per the latest syllabus and pattern of questions.

Job Interview and Placement Recruitment Training course

We train students for better communication skills so as to Enhance Group Discussion and Job Interview Skills. We also help our students in getting a job in different companies across the country. EngConvo trains you exactly as per the company’s profile. To avail, all the facilities and professional training join the most versatile company which offers training to Job Seekers for on/off Recruitment Training.

General Competition Courses

We, here at EngConvo, after assessing and analyzing the different examinations of General Competition and the requirements of students have provided with course on the examination pattern of all the General Competition Examinations. Our course matches with the latest and changing syllabus and pattern of the examinations so that the students can gain the most benefits and get results.

Personality Development Classes

One’s personality reflects one’s mind and character. And in the practical world, whether it is locality or in the corporate world, Personality plays a great role. So, Its quite important to build an efficient personality so that you can impress people and beautify your own life as well. EngConvo trains you to get personality according to your requirements and the corporate world. Our trainers teach you methods so that you can gain confidence which will increase your personality.

Technology-enabled classes

EngConvo has completely abandoned the conservative and orthodox learning of the English Language. It provides smart classes enabled with technology and other tech-essentials to meet the need for modern and smart ways of teaching and training.


EngConvo students avail the facility of online learning also. We give access to our E-classroom portal. Our E-classroom portal is a virtual library. Here, you get access to hundreds of personalized and customized Learning Resources as per your level, profession, requirements, and interest after one online individual counseling and assessment. Learning resources include structured study materials like Documentary Interview Videos, Transcripts, Audios, Journals, Modules on Job Interview Training, Replies of Typical Job Interview questions, Notes for beginners to advanced English Language and Communication Skills Training, practice exercises, Grammar Notes & Videos, practice sets for Job Interview and Placement Training, etc.

Language lab

Our Language labs offer to practise in associate degree diverting and interactive thanks to acquiring the four main language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Language labs enable students to apply the language with a way wider type of activities and exercises supported. Learning happens in an exceedingly structured approach, in an exceedingly real context and visually engaging approach that immerses the coed within the acquisition surroundings and promotes language use. The students will watch videos, apply their pronunciation through a speech recognizer, learn new vocabulary, and far additional.

Online webinars on every weekend

We provide our students with online webinars every weekend done by our corporate trainers across the country. They also teach the techniques for developments of personality and English communication. They are from different parts of the country so it helps students in getting familiar with the diverse area and environment of both corporate and casual world.

Regular tests of students both online and offline

Tests reflect improvement. Here at EngConvo, We take comprehensive and personalized tests of the students on the basis of their requirements. It helps in getting better results in their different competitive and general examinations regularly. The tests are conducted both Online and Offline.

Professional and Corporate Trainers

EngConvo has a team of well-certified professional and corporate teachers. Their way of teaching is quite different from the conservative teacher. Their focus is on the growth and improvement of every particular student. They try to facilitate students with every possible practical environment. It helps the students to get familiar with things and it also boosts their learning.

The competitive approach in the method of teaching

Competition is the key to development. We, at EngConvo, deal with our students with a competitive approach to teaching. We try to develop the same approach among the students. Regular marking and results get them into the zone of competition in which they grow and flourish fastly. This is why it is the Best Spoken English class in Boring Road Patna.

Offline seminars at Center on every weekend

Here we do provide FREE offline seminars to all the people and students with the objective to give them the training of job and placement recruitment, Business English, Day to Day English Communication and other relevancies of the English language.
With all these things EngConvo has become the Best Spoken English class in Boring Road, Patna

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EngConvo is a brand of Usraz Education Pvt Ltd

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