Effects of Social Media and WhatsApp on English Language

Effects of Social Media and WhatsApp on English Language


Effective teaching needs an effective method of teaching new words and ideas. It has been observed that it requires teaching it in a systematic and logical way making the situation favorable for the learners. The communicative language teaching in this regard is the best method for teaching the English language. Effects of social media are praiseworthy in increasing the use of the English language.

In language learning interest and the environment is mandatory to be organized in language classrooms for the better understanding of language learners. Language is basically a source or tool of communication and plays an important role in all walks of life. It is a language which is used for transmission and communication among friends, family members, colleagues, and especially in the teaching-learning process.

History of English Language:

When we study the history of English language then we may come to this point that the English language developed and spread in a very short span of time, but still, the history of English language is not dark. In middle ages, Latin was I general use as the language of serious literature throughout western and central Europe. In the literature of entertainment, the same uniformity did not prevail. French was in use in England, as well in France, but this was due to political causes. Elsewhere the vernaculars of various countries were commonly employed.

Yet there was an underlying uniformity; from the twelfth century onwards the English language was dominated everywhere to a great extent, in both form and substance by French and Provencal models since that time various changes have taken place; movements in English and thought have arisen in different countries. But contact and interaction have never ceased.

Effects of Social Media and its Role:

Social media is basically a media which is used through various electronic devices and rechargeable devices. It is used mostly for communication and awareness around the world. Social media is useful in communication. It is useful in sharing of knowledge because it reaches frequency usability. It provides opportunities to the English language learners to improve their writing and reading.

In our country teaching of English is based on two elements Viz. (a) vocabulary and (b) structure. The new techniques of teaching English as a second language are based on the belief that in the learning of a language mastery of structures is more important than the acquisition of vocabulary. But we cannot learn structure in a vacuum and there must be sufficient vocabulary to operate them. It thus becomes evident that for learning a language one has to master its essential vocabulary as well as its basic structure.

Effects of Social Media on Vocabulary

If the structure of language is necessary and considers base for language learning then the role of vocabulary also may not be neglected. It provides the vital organs and flesh to the language. Similarly, language learning ability depends upon the improvement and development of language vocabulary. The second learning not only depends upon structure learning but also it greatly depends upon the development of English language vocabulary.

There are different online games which improve the vocabulary of English language learners in a flexible and relaxed atmosphere. Thus the development of English vocabulary is important and plays a dominant role in the language learning process as compared to structure learning. Now it is also clear from the above-mentioned discussion that social media sources provide a lot of opportunities to the English language learners so that they may improve their language learning skills and competencies in a systematic manner.

So, if the translation is done literally, it is unreliable and may give distorted meaning. The second point is that in English the numbers of words having only one meaning are very few. The third point is that a word gets its meaning from the context in which it is used. Consider the word “get” and note the changes in its meanings in an expression like get up, get rid of, and get into, etc. Thus in the above word get meaning changes its meaning in contexts.

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Advantages of Using WhatsApp:

  • WhatsApp was an alternative to the virtual class which helps absent students to catch up.
  • WhatsApp answers students’ questions. It helps to increase students feeling of security since they always have their instructor around.
  • Helps to facilitate students’ discussion, and helps students overcome their fear of using the language.
  • It allows the students to develop their writing.
  • Enables the students to learn from their colleague’s mistakes.
  • It helps the students to believe in their abilities and to have confidence.
  • It develops writing skill and increase students’ motivation towards learning.

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