How to Continue a Productive Conversation for a Long Time?

How to Continue a Productive Conversation for a Long Time?

We need to communicate to people whenever it’s possible. It will certainly increase the depth of our communication properly. Apparently, a person cannot get proper information or ideas about other people or things within a short span of time. The more effective time we provide to communication the most effective ideas we get out of that. Hence, a conversation or our speech absolutely requires sole attention to fetch it for a while. It cannot be accepted with the word fetching rather it can be accepted a vital mode to gather as many ideas possible to us. So, a conversation must follow some progressive elements to get established properly and it needs a realistic approach instead of working with fascinating ideas to work on it. This approach is vital to continue a productive conversation for a long time.

Here, we are about to discuss on some elements which will help our speech or communication to be sustained for a long span of time. These elements are:

Interest to Communicate:

We can create the phase of a conversation by bringing our interest to continue it. As a matter of fact, we can realize that without our proper interest to communicate the opponent must feel uneasy to continue the conversation. It is our charming and spontaneous mind which may help to continue an active and progressive conversation. Some of our body-languages create responses in front of our audience. Consequently, if we start yawning at the time of conversation our audience may feel we are not interested to pay attention. On the other hand, if we disrupt the conversation by talking to others without finishing our conversation with the former, it may absolutely hamper the interest level of the opponent person to communicate to us. Self-interest will continue a productive conversation for a long time

Initiative of Asking Questions:

It becomes a comfortable nature of people that they act only as an answer book or question bank to the opposite speaker. It creates a distorted conversation once a candidate starts speaking and the other doesn’t speak at all. If the other person speaks, then that’s the only moment of answering to question. We have to be careful about the notion that listening skill is good but accessing too much of it will reflect our introvert nature in front of our audience. A person must ask a question to continue the healthy nature of the conversation. A supportive and relevant question along with the answer can absolutely make two people speak for a long time.

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Escalating from Source Topic and Linking or Relating to Other Topics:

If two people start communicating on Indian economy, then sometimes they end up saying on some of the limited information on the central topic. Here, the central topic is Indian economy. But, due to lack of other contents they finally quit of talking on that source topic. Coincidentally, the suggestion rives that people cannot always continue their conversation on the source topic. They should link the central topic to other helping topics to keep finding the content to fetch the productive communication. Here, the supportive topics are role of politics in economy, industry as the backbone of economy, and agriculture as a major supportive hand to the growth of the economy. The idea to stretch content can be acquired only if the communicators show interest to introduce the supportive topics to the source topic.

The Evaluative Phase with two WH- Words:

The conversation gets the proper evaluation while a person introduces two evaluative words “Why” and “How”. Our communication takes a different direction while we speak on the possible situations with the questions initiated by “why” and “how”. You have to be careful that these two wh- words are not for the other members rather these words are to yourself once you are introducing any informative part of the topic. These words will prepare the stage to you for a descriptive evaluation. The members never end of getting content if they proceed to ask these evaluative questions to themselves.

Ultimately, we have to understand that the length of a conversation depends on these major elements but people should also be careful of the grammatical constructions and composition of the sentences. Because, these things will allow them to get self-confidence to communicate effectively for a long span of time.

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