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How To Improve Vocabulary in 2020?

Why should we enrich our vocabulary?  We all know we can’t voice every thought that comes to our mind but there are certain things which are needed to be voiced. But if we voice these thoughts in an exact manner it may not sound profound especially in refined writing. In this article, you will learn how to improve vocabulary. 

In every language, proper words are there to name everything, thought, feeling and aspect. For instance, if I need to say ” I beg you to interfere into this matter”, or instead I would state that “I implore you to intercede into this matter”. What’s the difference between both statements ?. For obvious, the latter one sounds more lucrative, well voicing the subject and expression of the matter. It doesn’t mean words like ‘beg’ and ‘interfere’ are belittling but I would purposefully refrain myself from using these words unless and until it is the call of the hour. If I need to say “ this man has become too old for English communication, I would state that “this man has reached his own obsolescence”. This not only states the fact but certainly does not sound derogatory. 

Vocabulary enrichment does not favor the ubiquitous use of grand words or making verbose speeches, but they are to be used under proper circumstances. One should refrain from making any otiose importations from the dead languages.

Reading: Attention & Observation

Active reading is the panacea for all vocabulary related problems. First of all read newspapers for getting in touch with trending vocabularies. Then afterward read whatever you like, to say novels, stories, blogs, articles or anything. Here reading refers to active reading. While reading one should take care that he is understanding the proper meaning of sentences. One should concentrate on context, placing of words, verb forms, the essence of context, etc. This helps in coming across new words which eventually helps you to improve your vocabulary.

Write To Use Vocabulary

After reading do not forget to practice writing. After all, it will reflect how many words you are getting or whether you are getting the right words at the right moment or not. You can summarize whatever you read. While writing, you can try to write exact words instead of beating around the bush.

Effective Listening To Enrich Vocabulary

For vocabulary enrichment, you also should listen to native and good speakers. You have to keenly observe their speeches to see how they are playing with English words. While listening, try to jot down good words and then imbibe those words in your communication skills.

Watching Movies & Web Series

Have you realized that subtitles can be a great source of learning new words? Whenever you watch any movie, you will come across so many new English words.

Learn Vocabulary
Movie – Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

For example, you can learn the new word “Inevitable” in the above screenshot of the movie ‘Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows’.

Practice With a Personal Trainer

If you don’t have time for reading or writing then you can hire a personal trainer. Your trainer can help you learn new words and use those words in the conversation on a daily basis.

The other advantage of having a trainer is that you learn to use one word in multiple ways while writing and speaking. You improve your vocabulary by knowing the placing of words, knowing synonyms and antonyms as well. Eventually, your brevity can help you captivate your listener.

Learn English speaking with a personal trainer at your convenient time from anywhere across the world without spending a pie in commutes.

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