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How to learn English online effectively?

English communication is now becoming an indispensable part of our life. In the corporate world, most of the time you need to present yourself in English only. Hence, being well acquainted with English is always an advantage for both personal and professional growth. The surges in the use of English have made it a prerequisite to learn English. In this article, I am going to explain the researched and tested methods to learn English online.

Many of you might have tried to learn English using Youtube or other online platforms. Many of you might have not got benefitted in the long term. In this article, I have explained do and don’ts while learning English online.

You will learn how to use all previously heard or unheard in an effective manner to learn English using online resources.

Forget You Know Any Other Language Other Than English

If you want to learn English then, first of all, you need to forget that you know any other language other than English. You need to think about everything in English. Schedule your work while thinking in English.

Think of a character in your mind and talk to that character in English. Do role-plays. Play the role of that character while talking in English.

Watch and Listen to Videos With Attention and Observation

While watching any movie or any English video, you have to take of two things –

  1. Attention

Attention is required to listen to what the person is speaking. Listen to each and every single sentence properly. Try to grasp every single sentence. At the beginning take the help of subtitles for the same.

  1. Observation

Observation must be there to understand the way of speaking. Observe the style of speaking, the pronunciation of words, placing of words, use of preposition, use of conjunctions, sentence framing, etc.

Also, observe the use of emotion in sentences, body language, use of non-verbal signs while speaking, tone of speech, voice modulation, etc.

Make a habit of Active reading

Reading is a learning module. While reading, you can learn so many things like new words, placing of words, use of adjectives, use of adverbs, verb forms, sentence framing, grammar behind sentences, the use of pauses, the use of punctuation, proper intonation, reading speed, etc.

Write what you learn

Make a habit of writing, whenever you get a chance, try to write something. You may learn writing skills at EngConvo also. You may use Grammarly to check your grammatical mistakes.

Chat with friends in English, write emails, proposals, etc. Observe other’s way of writing. Whatever you learn while reading or listening, utilize that knowledge to write something.

English has got 4 modules – Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking. All modules are integrated to each other. At Engconvo, we teach all four, modules.

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