The Innovative Ways to Learn English

The Effortless English system is very simple and consists of three primary areas of mastery: Body, Mind, & Method. By mastering specific techniques in each area, you will powerfully improve your English speaking ability. Your speech will become faster and you will begin to speak English automatically. Each of these three areas is important and each contributes to the power of the Effortless English Teaching System. When we talk about “Body” in Effortless English, we are mostly talking about emotion. Emotion is energy. It is what gives us the energy and the motivation to study every day. Emotion gives us the confidence to speak. Positive emotion helps us to learn faster, while negative emotions slow our learning. To learn very quickly, we must learn to master our emotions– and that requires mastery of our body. The innovative ways to learn English are reflected here.

Body (& Emotion)

The first step to English speaking mastery is to master your body & emotions. This seems like a strange statement. Why do you need to use your body to learn English? The reason is simple, by using your body and emotions you can learn English 4-5 times faster! Dr. James Asher, a language teaching expert, researched the role of the body in language learning. He found something quite amazing– students who physically moved their bodies in class learned 4-5 times faster than students who sat still during class. In this program, students always move their body while learning English. Specifically, students make strong gestures or movements related to the language they hear. The innovative ways to learn English are reflected here.


Our beliefs strongly influence our results. Oftentimes, we succeed when we believe we will succeed– and we fail when we think we will fail. In other words, our Mind influences our learning ability. To learn faster and better, we must master our mind. Specifically, we must master our beliefs and our ideas. As a successful adult, you are highly intelligent. Yet, you probably have a lot of negative beliefs about your English learning ability. The innovative ways to learn English are reflected here.

  1. Some common negative beliefs include:
  2. English speaking is difficult
  3. Iʼm not good at English
  4. Iʼm nervous when I speak English
  5. I must speak English perfectly every time
  6. I canʼt make mistakes
  7. There is only one right answer
  8. I must memorize and follow all grammar rules
  9. People from my country canʼt speak English well
  10. Itʼs impossible to speak English easily and quickly

Where did these beliefs come from? For most people, these beliefs were created in school. Very few children believe these things. When I taught small children it was very easy, because they were fearless. They believed that English was fun (and I encouraged them to believe that). The children also believed that speaking English was easy. They never worried about mistakes. They werenʼt nervous. The children in my class gradually learned to speak with nearly perfect grammar, yet they never studied grammar rules. Unfortunately, in Middle School, High School, and University, most students learn new negative beliefs. Their teachers force the students to memorize grammar rules and take tests. Students learn to believe that there is only one right answer for every question. They learn to fear mistakes. In school, students are embarrassed to make mistakes– and thus they fear speaking.


Too many students attempt to learn English with their eyes. Students often read textbooks, study vocabulary books, and study grammar books. They also do exercises in workbooks and test preparation books. However, none of these activities will improve your speaking. You will not improve your speaking by learning with your eyes. Therefore, the Effortless English Teaching System primarily uses audio lessons. With our system, you learn with your ears. You learn vocabulary by listening, grammar by listening, pronunciation by listening. You improve your English speaking– by listening. This is the number one technique of our system and the most important for you to remember: focus most of your study time on listening to English.

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