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How Dressing Affects Your Interview or Presentation

By Avijit

 The way you dress defines the person you are and what value you bring to the table. In the corporate world, you are judged by the way you look and dress up for work. So, it’s time to follow the old advice – Dress for the job you want, not the job you have. Dressing up…

Basic Spoken English

By Jay Karn

English has become the culture of modern society. The new generation prefers to communicate in this language. The Elite society also enjoys the language as the way of their communication. These pointers have increased the value of Basic Spoken English. Now, housewives, old-aged people, etc want to learn the English Language. Evolution of Language: English…

English Speaking Course in Patna

By Jay Karn

English is equally relevant in both the formal and informal world of our society. And with every passing day, we can easily observe its significance. In Patna, the interest and inclination of students for the improvement of English Language and Communication is quite visible. And for this, they visit different online and offline English Speaking…

Professional Personality Traits

By Avijit

Personality is a characteristic way of thinking, feeling, and behaving. Personality embraces moods, attitudes, and opinions and is most clearly expressed in interactions with other people. It includes behavioural characteristics, both inherent and acquired, that distinguish one person from another and that can be observed in people’s relations to the environment and to the social…

Best Spoken English Classes in Patna

By Jay Karn

Introduction It is quite obvious that Patna, enriched with eminent faculties, coaching classes for numerous exam preparation purposes and other necessities is slowly turning into one among the largest centre for all such preparation. And it is a well-known incontrovertible fact that development of any space includes a heap to try to to with the…

Top Spoken English Class in Gola Road, Patna

By admin

Days are gone when students were taught mere Grammar lessons in the name of Spoken English Class at different institutes. Not every student has knowledge of the difference between English Language & English Communication. During the survey, it was found that EngConvo is the only spoken English institute in Gola Road, Patna that provides you…

Best Spoken English class in Gola Road, Patna

By Jay Karn

Introduction It is quite obvious that Gola Road has become one of the posh areas of Patna. Enriched with eminent schools, coaching classes for diverse exam preparation purposes and other necessities Gola Road is slowly becoming an education hub of Patna. And it’s a well-known fact that development of any area has a lot to…

How to Learn Effective Rapport Building Skills

By Avijit

If you attend a business, marketing, or networking seminar you will likely be bombarded with laundry lists of tricks, tips, and techniques for improving your craft. Some will recommend mnemonics for better name recall, while others will instruct you in the Jedi-like methods of Neuro Linguistic programming to mirror the affect of your victims/clients. Adding…

How to Write Properly and Effectively

By Avijit

Jill’s boss asked her to write a memo on a school to work program. The company where Jill worked was a leader in the computer software field. A school-to work program would give young people in school a chance to be employed part time and to learn the software business. If their work was good,…

The Major Aspects and Perspectives of Public Relation

By Avijit

Public relations (PR) is both an art and a science. It has the beauty and emotionality of art and the system of science. It may mean different things to different people. Though it is of recent origin in India and the world over, it is used in Government, public and private sectors and other institutions.…

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