Interpersonal Skills as Part of Business Communication

Interpersonal Skills as Part of Business Communication

To effectively communicate and interact with one another, human beings need interpersonal skills. These skills are vital when interacting with other people at an individual or group level. Developing your interpersonal skills enhances your success both personally and professionally. Since employers understand the importance of these skills in teamwork, they are constantly looking for employees with proper interpersonal skills. With these skills, an employee will be in a position to effectively communicate with his or her colleagues, clients and customers in the workplace. Interpersonal skills as part of business communication, are thriving in communicators.

Why Interpersonal Skills?

A good interpersonal skill will allow you to network effortlessly and effectively.

What Are Interpersonal Skills?

  • Effectively translating and conveying information.
  • Being able to accurately interpret other people’s emotions.
  • Being sensitive to other people’s feelings.
  • Calmly arriving at resolutions to conflict.
  • Avoiding gossip.
  • Being polite.

How to Develop Interpersonal Skills

Smile and Be Appreciative:

Many people would love to associate with a happy person. To boost your interpersonal skills, it is advisable to smile every once in a while. Additionally, be cheerful about your work and life which also helps to appreciate your colleagues. You may do this by identifying a positive attribute about them and positively commenting on it. Thank your colleagues when they assist you with anything and let your colleagues feel welcome when they seek assistance from you.

Listen Actively and Pay Attention to Others

When other people are talking to you, make them feel like you’re interested through active listening. For instance, you can demonstrate active listening by restating what the person has said in your own words to show that you understand what they are saying. Your colleagues will be happy to know that you are listening. Regarding attention, acknowledge other peoples’ achievements and sympathize with them when they face difficulties like death or illness.

Resolving Conflicts

These two can go a long way in improving interpersonal skills. Always strive to create a favorable environment for everyone in the place of work. This may be achieved by treating all the people in an organization equally, following up with requests from your colleagues and avoiding gossip. Resolving conflict also plays a major role in bringing people together. When conflicts arise between your colleagues, solve them in the fairest way. This will earn you admiration and respect. Resolving conflicts interpersonal skills as part of business communication can only be understood while we start implementing it.

Communicate Clearly and Use Humor

A clear communication will ensure that you avoid misunderstandings. Therefore, mind what you say as well as how you say it. In addition to effectively passing the message, communicating clearly implies that you are intelligent and mature, regardless of your age. Additionally, use humor once in sometimes. People like someone who makes them laugh.

Understand Others and Avoid Complaining

It is important to empathize with what others are going through at work. In doing this, you need to employ your emotions and try to put yourself in your colleague’s shoes. Additionally, avoid verbalizing your disappointments which will only serve to fuel conflicts in the organization than bring people together.

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How to improve Interpersonal skills?


  • Develop a SMART objective (Specific, Measurable, Action-oriented, Realistic, Time-bound).


  • Research various networking groups and associations to find out which ones will work for you.
    • Research your contacts by asking them questions, so you will know with whom you are dealing.
    • Research every possible opportunity.
    • Keep your eyes and ears on the news, current events, and local developments.


  • Promote yourself effectively.
    • Understand your features and benefits(your strengths and how to use them) and learn how to express them.(Smile and Ask infomercial)


  • Communicate effectively.
    • Good communications are invaluable in any situation. Be articulate, concise, enthusiastic, honest and frank. Use language with which you are comfortable but make sure it is powerful. Don’t forget the other side of communicating: listening. This is as important as speaking.

Think Creatively

  • Solve problems and maximize opportunities with innovative ideas.

Follow through

  • Follow through on your commitments, both to yourself and others.


  • Organize yourself.


  • Work had for others and the rewards will come back to you ten times over.

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