General English

This course is suitable for you if you wish to learn English for day to day communication for traveling, shopping, learning something and talking with your friends and family. You learn to speak with confidence, accuracy, fluency, and efficacy for almost all situations.

Trusted by 15000+ students since 2015

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Trusted by 15000+ students since 2015

Business English

This Course is for upper intermediate and advance learners to want to enhance their communication skills as per corporate or Business surroundings. You learn workplace skills which includes Presentation skills, Client dealing, Email etiquette, Meeting etiquette, etc.

Job Interviews & Placement Training

This course is part of corporate training where you learn Job Interview skills to join a new organisation or to get promotion in your current organization. Here, you get opportunity to practice Interview Question with Experts.

Trusted by 15000+ students since 2015

How to write a professional email

Trusted by 15000+ students since 2015

IELTS Training

Enhance your Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking Skills exactly as per pattern of IELTS with IELTS qualified and Certified Trainers. Practice all modules and target to achieve 8 band in first attempt.
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