Engconvo’s mission is to appear to be the best organization to impart international standard of English Language and English Communication training. The organisation is committed to work along with the English Experts across the country. We are dedicated to the Research and Development work with a team of professionals to generate the best methods and techniques. Our uniqueness is to understand the students more distinctly, providing them customized and personalized training sessions. Engconvo is absolutely trying to introduce the outstanding standard of online training. We seek to create learning resources and learning methods of International standards to be accessed by students from all sections of society easily.


We are committed to innovate in the field of English language and effective technical communication. Problems, critical confusions of the students are evaluated by Research and Development department, keeping their profession and social status in our mind. Accordingly, learning resources and techniques are upgraded to meet the precise needs of the students keeping the best quality and standard of training. Our training techniques are continuously upgraded. We are continuously researching, using technology, working on creative learning resources of International Standards along with the progressive team of English experts. We always want to see the consistent development of a student to provide him the value for his money and most importantly, time. Use of modern technology is continuously introduced and upgraded to ease the process of learning English.

Manish Prasad

Manish Prasad

Chairman and Managing Director

Managing Director's Message

It’s never too late to start learning English. It is amazing to see the people of all sections enrolling and improving their English with English experts at Engconvo. We believe that success can only be achieved if you are willing to follow the guidance regardless of peer pressure or any other negative influencing factors, change yourself, experiment with your ways of speaking. Learning English requires continuous dedication and efforts. Our whole team of English experts along with International Standard learning resources and unique training methods are here to help you. We always believe in making you self sufficient and self dependent.

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