Terms & Condition

1. Class rescheduling

Maximum 2 classes per month can be rescheduled to another date/s in case the student is not contactable for any reason. Beyond that the class/es will be ‘MARKED AS DONE’.

If a class gets cancelled because of any technical issue from server or from teacher’s end, all such classes will get rescheduled to another date.

2. Hold/Un-hold classes

Classes can be put on hold for a minimum of 20 days and maximum 90 days. Beyond the specified period of 90 days, the package will lapse.

3. Change in time

You are allowed to request change in time slot 2 hour before the earlier scheduled time slot.

4. Change of trainer

You can request for the change of your trainer in case you are not satisfied with the quality of conversation.

5. Personal contact and information

A student is not allowed to share or ask any personal information or contact details from the trainer. In case of any query you can contact customer support. Appropriate action will be taken as may deem fit against anyone indulging in such conversation.

6. Training time

In some rare cases preferred time slot or teacher may change because of unavoidable circumstances or unavailability of the teacher.

7. Holidays

No classes will be scheduled on Public holidays and on days declared as holiday by the company. All such classes will be rescheduled to later dates.

8. Contact information

Keep your correct contact information updated in the records at all times to get any important update from the company.

9. Connectivity

Poor connectivity at the student’s end is not a company’s responsibility. Classes will be rescheduled only in extreme cases because of natural calamity or a mass shutdown of telecom services.

10. Installments

In case of payment in installments permitted by the company, classes will start only when one full month fee or 50% of total fee (whichever is higher) is received by the company.

11. Non-transferrable

Once enrolled, the classes are non-transferrable.

12. Refund

Fee once paid is non refundable under any circumstances unless if you are unsatisfied with our services for genuine reasons or unsolved issues.

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