Learn English Online with a Personal Trainer at your Preferred Time

We design your course as per your requirements and assessment of level. Tailor made customized online one on one English speaking course exclusively as per your time and convenience.

Learn English Online with a Personal Trainer at your Preferred Time

We design your course as per your requirements and assessment of level. Tailor made customized online one on one English speaking course exclusively as per your time and convenience.

Features of Our Online English Speaking Course

We provide classes as per the level, requirements and profession of our learners. To maintain the highest level of training quality and convenience, we enrich our courses with following features.


Our English Speaking Course starts with counselling and assessment to check your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. We identify all possible opportunity areas prior to starting your offline or online spoken English classes.


Get Personalized and Customized online Spoken English Classes after detailed assessment and analysis. Get English Speaking Courses as per your Level, Profession, Requirements and Interest.

One on one training

Get one on one training at your convenient time. Choose online English Speaking Course as Per Your Profession and get trained by personal, specialized & Certified trainers to meet your precise purpose to learn English online. One trainer is assigned to you for entire sessions.


You can choose your own convenient time slot between 7:00 am - 11:30 pm.
You can choose any five days in a week. As per requirement of our students, we also provide weekend online Spoken English classes. Our trainer calls you at your preferred time.

Technology Enabled training

We identify your area of improvements in your communication skills. Your trainer assigns you assignments based on mistakes made in the conversation and for further improvements. You can read study materials using our e-learning portal.

Track Your progress

Your can always track your progress by comparing your previous classes. Your assigned trainer lets you analyse your progress of every single parameters and its sub parameters, required to improve your English communication skills.

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EngConvo's Online English Speaking Courses

From personal Spoken English Course to Professional English Course, we have designed following courses where specialized trainers train you for your personal and professional growth.

In this course you learn English speaking skills to manage your day to day work with confidence, accuracy and fluency. We teach you how to communicate confidently in parties, restaurant, markets and other private or public places.

English Speaking Course
English Speaking Course

Along with confidence, accuracy, and fluency, we help you to increase the efficacy of your English Communication to give a boost to your professional career. In this course, you learn to speak English in a manner to captivate your surrounding. Enroll and get trained with corporate trainers for managerial skills, leadership skills, rapport building, client dealing and management and other workplace skills as per your profession and precise requirements.

In this course, you learn to present yourself in a structured, confident and efficient manner to leave an impression on interviewer. Here, you learn Job Interview Skills, Group Discussion Skills and Presentation Skills. Enroll for this course to increase the chance of your selection by appearing in mock interviews, conducted as per your job profile and company.

English Speaking Course
English Speaking Course

Prepare yourself for IELTS test under the guidance of British Council certified trainers. Practice precise pattern of Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking with trainers on our software. Target to achieve 8+ band in first attempt.

In each Course, you will get

  • One-on-one Interactive English Conversation Classes over Skype or Phone Call
  • 5 Days Per Week Classes (Online Spoken English Classes time and duration can be increased)
  • Time Flexibility (7am - 11:30pm)
  • Customized & Personalized English Classes
  • Classes from anywhere across the world
  • Get exposure to learn, speak and practice English
  • Task & Notes as per your level, mistakes & weak areas
  • Experienced, Professional & Certified trainers as per your precise needs

Get a Call Back

After taking one class, you will be aware of your opportunity areas in brief along with the exact solution. You will also be acquainted with the unique training methodology followed at EngConvo.

Discover Your Opportunity Areas & Learn Spoken English

We assess your grammar knowledge, speaking skills, listening skills, reading skills, and writing skills prior to starting your Online English Speaking Course.

English Speaking Course on Phone or Skype

To Learn English Online on phone or Skype is easy, convenient and effective. You learn English starting from your own level. You can learn English Communication from anywhere & at anytime

Get Exposure, Talk, Practice & Learn English Online

Unlike traditional institutes, here you get enough exposure to speak and practice English speaking regularly. Your trainer helps you to gain confidence and speak in English fluently and add an advantage to your professional skills.

Improve Listening skills, reading skills, & writing skills

Along with Offline and Online Spoken English Classes, we provide you video lectures, study materials, and assessments to improve your listening skills, reading skills, and writing skills.

Get Free Evaluation

The trainer gives you instant feedback during conversation. He  finds and rectifies your mistakes during conversation. The trainer also suggests you changes and assigns you different tasks to improve and enhance your English language & communication.

What our students say

"It's a great platform to learn English. The best part of it is that they understand the need of each student precisely"
Physicist, Mumbai
"I have learnt how to speak fluently with proper pronunciation. Thank you for letting me my opportunity areas."
RAJu maharshi
Businessman, Andhra Pradesh
"I have gained confidence within 2 weeks. I am able to reply my seniors and co-workers spontaneously."
Dipankar Mondal
Team Leader, Accenture, Hyderabad
"I have learnt to speak with consistency, calmness, and confidence. My efficacy to deal with client have enhanced."
Shiva Prasad
Business Consultant, Hyderabad