EngConvo – The best Spoken English Institute in Patna?

EngConvo – The best Spoken English Institute in Patna?

Nowadays English has become a prerequisite for personal and professional growth. The need for English Communication has given boom for Spoken English Institute in Patna or Classes in India. As per the survey, done by
EngConvo in Patna. It was found that more than 95% of English classes are providing Grammar classes in the name of Communication classes. After comparing the syllabus offered by EngConvo, it was found that EngConvo appears to be the Best Spoken English Institute in Patna.

The syllabus of most of the institutes was more or less focussed mainly on sentence framing and grammar only. English is a language but communication is an art. The art of communication is what Engconvo teaches.

Counseling & Assessment

Whenever a student enrolls for any course, he/she needs to go for 2 days of counseling and assessment test. During the counseling and assessment test, grammar, reading, writing, listening and speaking skills of a student are checked.

Classes as Per Your Level & Profession

After the counseling and assessment, the teacher provides a detailed roadmap of complete training. As per your level, requirements, and profession, You get classes in a group a maximum of 20 students. Classes are highly interactive and the teacher takes care of it that each student is speaking most of the time in class. There are role plays, situational conversations with each other and may more to engage each student in conversation.

Technology-Enabled Training

The best thing about the offline classes at EngConvo’s Patna Center is that you will have a personal computer to practice grammar and other parameters of communication. You will be able to track your progress on a daily basis using our software. Our software will have several other learning resources like audios, videos, articles, blogs, movies names collection, etc. You can use our software from anywhere across the world.

These are many other things which you would only be able to know after talking to us or visiting to the institute.

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