Learn Corporate & Business English Communication with CorporateTrainers

Increase the efficacy of your English Communication with Personal & Corporate trainer at your preferred time. Learn the art of communication to captivate people in around you in a business surrounding.


We assign you a highly qualified, well experienced corporate trainer who calls you on Skype/Phone and helps you to enhance your English communication starting from your level.


Get the class as per your convenient time. You may opt to get class anytime from 7am to 12am (Midnight). You may change your time anytime.


Get personalized & Customized classes as per your working profile. Don't let the English communication to be a barrier in your path to get success in your business or corporate life.


Depending upon your availability and your schedule, opt to have classes either on weekdays or weekends.

Business or corporate English is all about the sense to use English communication to influence people around you in specific business surrounding. Improve your business communication with the stimulating sessions to interact with clients and higher officials.

Learn to speak with business words, and the way to present useful information in an effective manner.

Know barriers to listening and Learn to listen effectively.

Learn impactful reading, improve your reading skills, comprehensive skills, understanding skills to enhance your ideation capacity.

Learn to write reports, proposals, memos, letters, and emails.

Learn advance sentence framing, grammar, vocabulary according to your profession.

Learn interpersonal skills, presentation skills, rapport building, meeting etiquette, group discussions, networking, and social interactions.

Key Features

Learn advance communication skills for daily work, business, corporate workplace situations along with the proper pronunciation, advance grammar, vocabulary, voice modulation, articulation, etc.

Learn to communicate to deal with critical psychologies with confidence and assertive communication.

Learn to communicate effectively and confidently in a range of business situations from internal communication to external communication like dealing with clients.

Learn and practice workplace skills like presentation skills, rapport building, client dealing, client management, interpersonal skills, and other managerial  skills.

Access to our enormous learning resource with ease.

Choose the perfect plan

This Course Contains:

  • Video/Audio Classes over Skype or Call
  • Personal & Corporate Trainer
  • Flexible Time (7am – 11:30pm)
  • 20 sessions in a month
  • Duration: 30 Minutes Interactive Sessions
  • Assessments on Advanced grammar, Business ethics, Corporate Listening, Presentation & Business Writing 
  • Study materials like Videos, Audios, Articles, Stories, and Grammar notes as per your mistakes, weak areas and requirements for improvement.

Try for 1 day by paying ₹150 ₹125 onlyThis class is adjustable in later classes. Demo Price is refundable in case you didn’t like the demo class.

Frequently asked questions

Business English is the way to present verbal sense of English communication in a more professional way. On the other hand general English is the process to know the basic structures and fundamentals of English language.

We provide both audio as well as video class depending upon the comfort of the student.

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"It was an amazing experience. I am a businessman, I used to find difficulties while dealing with clients and writing proper emails related to sales and quotations. I appreciate the cooperation regarding time. Thanks for teaching me how to deal with clients."
Vikash Kumar
Businessman, Textile Field
"I am a Senior level Banker. In communication, I had hesitation earlier but after joining Engconvo, I have improved a lot in communication. Engconvo is absolutely recommendable if you want to learn the methodologies along with the supportive practice."
Chief Manager, UBI