Frame sentences with accuracy and learn to speak in a confident and fluent manner.

Practice with a personal trainer at your preferred time. Enhance your confidence to talk with your friends and families in a fluent manner without any mistakes in pronunciation and grammar.

About this course

This course is designed for those who want to learn English language and its implementation in day to day conversation.
EngConvo’s experts have curated the most effective techniques to train all levels of English learners with efficacy.
You will get a personal trainer at your preferred time. Your assigned teacher will help you enhance your confidence to talk with your friends and families in a fluent manner without any mistakes in pronunciation and grammar.
What you'll learn
  1. Basics of english language, grammar and vocabulary
  2. Implement grammar to frame proper sentences to talk with confidence and fluency
  3. Effective communication skills
  4. Techniques to enhance vocabulary, pronunciation and Mother Tongue Influence (MTI)

✓ One On One Class

✓ Personal Trainer

✓ Conversation Oriented

✓ Flexible Time

Course Content

Course content is customized as per level, profession and requirements of the learner.

Learn grammar and implement grammar to frame correct and appropriate sentence according to different situations.

Trainer will identify and rectify your mistakes in the conversation on spot.

Enhance your confidence and fluency with the help of interactive sessions, activities, regular practice and guidance of the experienced trainer assigned to you.

Get to know your pronunciation mistakes with on spot rectification.

Trainer will also help you to get rid of your mother tongue influence.

Learn to speak and write with precise and concise word.

Learn new words with implementation of those words in different situations.

Work on your style of speaking, sense of proportion, voice clarity, pace, tone, and voice modulation.

Learn to speak with brevity, Empathy & Humour

  • Paragraph Writing
  • Application Writing
  • Essay Writing
  • Notice Writing
  • Letter Writing
    • Formal Letters
    • Informal Letters
  • Report Writing
  • Resume Writing
  • Email Writing

1 Trial Session


30 Minutes of Conversation practice & training. No Learning Resources

10 Hours Class


10 Hours of Conversation practice, training & learning resources.

20 Hours Class


20 Hours of Conversation practice, training & learning resources.

30 Hours Class


30 Hours of Conversation practice, training & learning resources.

Features of General English Course

Free Counseling and Assessment of Your Speaking Skills

Every student is not same. Different learners may have different level of understanding with different requirements. After your enrollment, we check your level of English and your opportunity areas. Then we design your entire course exactly as per your level, profession, interest, and requirements.

Personalized & Customized Syllabus

We always try to put ourselves in your shoes to understand you in the most comprehensible manner. Considering your background, level, problems and goals, we design syllabus so as to help you to learn English communication in the most effective manner.

One on One Interactive Conversations

After your counseling and assessment test, One trainer is assigned to you for entire sessions. Before assigning the trainer, we make sure that the trainer is suitable to teach you in the manner you want to be taught.

20 Interactive Conversations of 30 Minutes Each (Monday To Friday)

Unlike offline English Institution, we offer 30 minutes interactive conversations everyday with a personal, experienced, specialized and certified trainers across the country. You get enough exposure to learn, speak and practice English speaking everyday.

Choose Your Own Time For Class (7:00 AM - 11:30 PM)

There is nothing better than learning skills at your comfortable time and in your couch. We provide the most flexible time slots to attend your online spoken English class. You can choose any time slots between 7:00 am to 11:30 pm IST.

Instant Feedback During The Conversation

During each conversation, your trainer makes you speak as much as possible with 100% attention. You trainer finds and rectify your mistakes on spot and helps you to be acquainted with your area of improvements.

Study Materials For Improvement

Along with on spot identification and rectification of your mistakes, you get learning resources using our eClassroom software or emails. You learn, practice and get rid of your shortcomings in your English communication.


"It has been a great experience with Engconvo. It's an excellent platform for the learners who want to grow with this era where English language is required for personality development and growth in career.
Nivedita Mahto
Mrs. Global Bihar, 2013
"It's a great experience. I found classes very Interactive and progressive. Understanding the needs of students and teaching method is really appreciable and admirable
Nagraj B G
International Athlete
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