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Learn!! How To Improve Fluency in English Speaking and Eliminate Unusual Pauses

Are you facing any problems with your fluency in English speaking? Check out this complete blog and conquer over English Speaking.

Effective communication is a crucial skill in both personal and professional life, and fluency in speech plays a significant role in conveying your ideas with clarity and impact. However, many individuals struggle with unusual pauses, abrupt interruptions, and uneven gaps while speaking. These issues can hinder effective communication and erode confidence. 

In this blog, we will explore strategies to get rid of these speech obstacles and improve your fluency in English Speaking. Additionally, we’ll discuss how trainers at EngConvo can assist you in practicing and achieving fluent speech.

Understand the Problem: Unusual Pauses and Uneven Gaps

Unusual pauses, abrupt interruptions, and uneven gaps in speech can result from various factors, including nervousness, lack of confidence, inadequate preparation, difficulty finding appropriate sentences and vocabulary, and fear of judgment. These issues can disrupt the flow of conversation, making it challenging for listeners to follow your thoughts. Here’s a more comprehensive look at the causes:

1). Nervousness: Anxiety or nervousness can lead to pauses or interruptions as you search for the right words or collect your thoughts.

2). Lack of Preparation: Inadequate preparation can result in uncertainty, leading to pauses while you figure out what to say next.

3). Lack of Confidence: The biggest obstacle that comes in the way of fluency in speaking English is a lack of confidence. A lack of self-assurance can make you hesitant, causing pauses and uneven gaps in your speech.

4). Difficulty Finding Appropriate Sentences and Vocabulary: Struggling to find the right words or sentences can lead to interruptions in speech as you try to express your thoughts accurately.

5). Fear of Judgment: Worrying about how your speech will be perceived by others can increase anxiety and hinder fluent communication.

Strategies to Improve Fluency and Eliminate Pauses:

1). Practice: The more you practice speaking, the more confident you become. Engage in conversations, presentations, or public speaking opportunities to gain experience.

Example: Join a public speaking club or regularly participate in discussions with colleagues to practice speaking.

2). Preparation: Thoroughly prepare for speaking engagements. Organize your thoughts, create an outline, and rehearse your speech or presentation in advance.

Example: If you’re giving a presentation, create a detailed outline with key points and practice delivering it multiple times.

3). Breathing Exercises: Deep breathing exercises can help manage anxiety and maintain a steady flow of speech.

Example: Practice deep breathing techniques before speaking engagements to calm your nerves.

4).Slow Down: Speaking too quickly can lead to unusual pauses. Slow down your pace to allow yourself time to think and speak clearly.

Example: Enunciate each word clearly and take short pauses between sentences.

5).Pausing Deliberately: Use strategic pauses to emphasize important points or allow listeners to process information. These intentional pauses are different from awkward gaps.

Example: Pause briefly after making a thought-provoking statement to let the audience absorb the information.

6).Vocabulary Enhancement: Expanding your vocabulary can help you find the right words more easily, reducing the need for pauses.

Example: Learn new words and practice using them in sentences to improve your vocabulary.

How EngConvo Trainers Can Improve Your Fluency in English Speaking?

EngConvo offers personalized 1:1 sessions for Day to Day/General English, Corporate English, Job interview training & IELTS Classes with experienced trainers who specialize in speech fluency. Here’s how EngConvo trainers can assist you:

1). Practice and Feedback: EngConvo trainers provide a platform for you to practice speaking. They offer constructive feedback to help you identify and rectify speech issues, including unusual pauses and gaps.

Example: EngConvo trainers can pinpoint specific moments in your speech where pauses occur and provide guidance on how to address them.

2). Stress Management: Trainers can teach you stress management techniques to reduce nervousness and improve your overall speaking confidence.

Example: EngConvo trainers may recommend relaxation exercises to help you manage anxiety before speaking engagements.

3). Pronunciation: In English Speaking Correct pronounciation plays a vital role in your fluency. EngConvo trainers can work with you to enhance your pronunciation, ensuring that your words are clear and easily understood.

Example: Trainers can provide exercises to improve pronunciation of challenging sounds or words.

4). Language Improvement: Trainers can teach you better words, sentences, and ways of presenting your ideas, contributing to smoother and more fluent speech.

Example: EngConvo trainers can help you expand your vocabulary and suggest alternative phrases for more effective communication.

5). Customized Training: EngConvo’s 1:1 sessions are tailored to your specific needs and challenges, allowing you to focus on areas where you need the most improvement.

Example: Trainers can create a personalized training plan to target your unique speech issues and goals.


By simply addressing these causes and working on it with EngConvo trainers, you can easily improve your fluency in English speaking and eliminate these unusual pauses during the conversation. Over time, you’ll build the confidence and fluency necessary to communicate effectively in any setting, whether it’s a casual conversation, a formal presentation, or a public speaking engagement. Don’t let speech impediments hold you back; start your journey to improved fluency with EngConvo Spoken English Classes.


1). What is the best way to learn speaking English?

One of the best and easiest way to learn Speaking English is Practice more and more. With proper guidance and disciplined practice you can easily conquer over any language.

2). How to talk English Fluently?

To talk fluently in English you have to improve your pronunciation, vocabulary and obviously the way you are practicing it. check out our article about how to improve your fluency in English Speaking for more knowledge.

3). How to speak English quickly?

There is no any shortcuts instead of practicing more and more and improving your Pronunciation & vocabulary. If you will do these simple things with discipline and proper guidance then you will definitely improve your spoken English.

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