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How to read English newspapers Authentically?

The use of Newspapers in the classroom on a regular basis will inculcate the habit of intensive and extensive reading. In India, English Newspapers like “The Hindu”, “The Times of India” etc are very popular among the learners of English Language as they have a special column/feature to sharpen the English Language Skills of the readers. English newspapers are also less expensive and full of varied information and details. Anybody can afford them easily. In the urban area that too in metro and other cities, readers prefer to read English newspapers. The students those who are living in such places, fond of reading English newspapers in comparison to the students of the countryside. The circulation of English newspapers in the countryside is not regular due to various reasons. It is also seen that newspapers arrive one or two days late after its publication. But still, for the sake of sharing the information and improving English Language, it can be used as a learning resource.

Following are the main advantages of using English newspapers:

  1. Provide motivation for reading and discussion in English
  2. Develop affection and interest in the use of English Language.
  3. Make the process of learning interesting and innovative.
  4. Flexible and adaptable to all curriculum areas and grade levels.
  5. Promote good reading habits that will help in a better understanding.
  6. Offer a wide variety of knowledge and information — news, sports, weather, editorials, and comics.
  7. A very cost-effective way to impart learning. English Newspapers: Exploring Innovative Methodological Paradigm.
  8. Contain practical vocabulary and the best models of clear, concise writing.
  9. Develop writing, speaking and listening skills of the students.
  10. Explore and unfold the world of knowledge and information.
  11. Lessons take time to prepare. Once a teacher finds an interesting material, he/she may use it over and over again.
  12. Helpful in learning grammatical usages, carefully crafted sentence structures and idioms and phrases besides new words.

The English Newspapers can be used for learners of all levels. For beginning students, the large print headlines, recognizable symbols and numbers, and many colors and black-and-white photographs can communicate information that students understand. At an intermediate level, the newspaper offers exposure to print, to graphics devices, and to punctuation. Advanced students can read English newspapers much as a native speaker would, skimming some articles, reading others completely, and ignoring those parts of the newspaper of small interest to them.

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How to Develop Habit of Reading English Newspapers amongst the Students?

  1. In the Indian context, it is very imperative for an English teacher to remove the students’ fear of learning the English language and to guide them to use the English newspapers judiciously.
  2. Following measures can be applied to develop a habit of reading English newspapers among the students.
  3. You should read at least one English newspaper on a regular basis for a month or two.
  4. Select the most interesting part of the newspaper that appeals to you. You can read it and report back to other people.
  5. Get encouragement to read outside class as much as possible.
  6. Become a better learner. Reading is a great way of acquiring language. It will be very handy in developing your reading skills, writing skills, and vocabulary.
  7. Use an authentic dictionary while reading the newspaper. At the initial stages, the students can be asked to understand the meanings of hard/new words with the help of context so that flow and interest during reading can be maintained.
  8. Comprehend the story/feature/article as a whole. Try to focus on getting a complete picture rather than getting stuck with the parts that you do not understand at ease.
  9. Pen down the details/information that is relevant and useful for them as it will enable yourself to develop writing notes/précis/essays/paragraphs/summary etc.

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