Importance of Group Discussion

Importance of group discussion

“Freedom of expression” allows us to express our opinions, thoughts or concerns comfortably. Identically, when you are a part of a group discussion you have to express yourself appropriately. In other words, in this modern information age, exchange of like and unlike opinions is a must. Therefore, group discussion becomes a convenient platform where ideas can be easily exchanged.

Let’s try to understand theImportance of group discussionand its necessity in a human’s life especially in today’s information era.

In my last article, I thoroughly discussed ‘group discussion’. Well, If you haven’t read it yet, click on this link to read it now. However, I am going to define group discussion in a nutshell.

What is group discussion?

 When a group of people share their ideas, opinions, concerns, beliefs, etc with each other on a specific topic, in an official or unofficial meeting to reach a certain conclusion, such discussions could be termed as group discussions.

Group discussion is of utmost importance for people who are seeking a lavish or well-paid job. It could be a gateway to your dream job. Various companies/organizations are conducting group discussions to hire skilled candidates.Surprisingly, it has emerged as one of the most dominant aspects of hiring.

Gone are the days when a candidate had to go through a written test along with a personal interview. Hiring candidates through gd is a new aspect of recruitment. As I have noted, plenty of companies are embracing this unique method to hire the best candidates.

Let’s try to learn the importance of group discussion with a few practical examples:-

“Importance of group discussion” in a school/college goer’s life.

  • A student in his academic career has to take part in classroom-discussions, student meetings, group deliberation, interactive classes, etc. Hence, it becomes necessary for a student to have gd skills to contribute effectively. 
  • Nowadays, gd has become an effective tool for admission in professional colleges. Students are assessed according to their performance and knowledge. So, performing well in gd may help you get admission to your dream college.
  • Additionally, gd ensures personality development, enhancement of social skills, improvement in critical thinking and many more things. Taking part in gd makes us mature and quick-witted which further helps us in academic success.

“Importance of group discussion” for a job-seeker, a professional or a company executive

  • The ability to take part in a group discussion exceptionally is a mantra of professional success.
  • A job seeker has to face gd in order to bag the desired job. It is a recruitment process to evaluate the interpersonal skills and personality of a candidate.
  • Candidates who reflect leadership skills significantly and emerge as a natural group leader are expected to get shortlisted by the selection committee.
  • Even professionals/executives have to take part in group discussions, professional meetings and decision-making sessions to help the organisation make best decisions.
  • Many a time, a company has to take very important decisions regarding some serious issues. Gd aids significantly in decision-making and problem-solving. Employees taking part in group decision analyse, interpret and evaluate the best possible solution to help the organisation.
  • Group discussion yields well analysed problem solving ideas which can miraculously benefit the organisation.

Consequently, the importance of group discussion has increased considerably. All of us need to learn these skills to claim academic success and power/authority in an organisation. Reflecting confidence and conviction creates a very strong impression. Learning all these important aspects will help you achieve what is unachievable in your life.

Some critical aspects to understand the importance of group discussion:-

  • Confidence– The moderator who conducts a group discussion keeps a close eye on your confidence and energy level while you speak. Whatever you speak, speak confidently. There should be traces of supreme confidence on your face.
  • Teamwork– In group discussion, people share their perspectives which might vary from person to person. That brings diversity and richness to the topic. How politely and amicably you accept and respond to the ideas which are in contrast to your ideas, these skills of yours are critically evaluated. After all, the hired candidate will have to work with a team. So, evaluating one’s temperament becomes important.
  • Public-speaking skill– Even if some people have abundant knowledge, they fall extremely flat because they are not good at public speaking. People with a little knowledge but impressive public speaking skills can steal the show. Above all, having knowledge is a different thing but conveying that knowledge effectively could be an extremely different thing. Moderators are quick to spot such skilled people who are smart workers.
  • Leadership skills– As can be seen, some people are extremely good at speaking. They tend to dominate the group discussion with their astonishing conversation skills. These are active participants who are completely pumped up in the group discussion. They maximise their chances of becoming successful by creating a strong impression. However, there are people who are inert/sluggish and completely fail to maximise their chance. Shyness/hesitation could be a prevalent cause behind their laziness.
  • Listening Ability– Your listening skills have a lot to do here in a group discussion. It’s imperative to listen to the view-points of others. Listening to others might help you learn lots of things. You can evaluate your answers properly after listening to others’ opinions.
  • Problem-solving skills– One of the most high-rated and compulsory skills to have is problem solving skill. Organisations are on a way to hire such kind of candidates who are well-versed in problem solving. Candidates who are able to implement their theoretical knowledge practically to solve problems are always preferred.
  • General awareness– GD tests a candidate on certain parameters. Social skills, general awareness, critical thinking are some of the parameters to look for. Generally, a time of 5-15 minutes is provided to the candidates to think and prepare their points along with 30 minutes of main discussion.
  • Diversity in the ideas- The key objective of a group discussion is to come up with effective problem-solving ideas to help the organisation grow from strength to strength. When the employees of an organization coherently work, even serious issues can be easily solved.


Being a part of a group discussion could be a challenging one, but when you dig deeper you will find that it has a very positive impact on you. It makes you stronger and encourages you to learn new skills. Working on above mentioned skills will help you transform yourself and become an influential employee.

If you are lacking in any of the above mentioned skills, work hard and improve yourself in order to ace the stiff competition.

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