The Value or Importance of Written Communication

The Value or Importance of Written Communication

Effective Written Communication when a message is exchanged or communicated in a written form, it is called written communication. It is a word-based communication method. The value or importance of written communication is understood when the permanency and record of the message are important and when the audience stays at a distance.

People move through the workforce in stages. Each stage has its own set of characteristics and recognizing which stage your employee is in will go a long way in understanding him or her and allow you to be a better manager.

Problems in Business Field for the Lack of Written Communication:

Communications is an important factor in any relationship, be it a couple or a large company such as a casino. Business surveys of American companies cite written communications as their employee’s biggest skill problem. In fact 80% of the businesses surveyed cited written skills as their biggest problem. Those same surveys also stated that 90% of top executives say that effective business writing is the skill most needed for professional recognition.

Relation between Verbal Communication and Written Communication(in the value or importance of written communication)

When questioning staff about which method of communication they prefer, they will usually respond that face to face verbal is the preference. Humans like to see and hear the people they communicate with. Verbal communication is not always the most effective method of communication. Many times the message is not clearly understood because of other factors such as body language, tone of voice and emotions. We lose the message because we are distracted by the other factors. Even in staff meetings or training sessions the method in which it is delivered can cause misunderstanding or loss of interest in the message.

We have backed up our verbal communications with written communications believing that one will back up the other. The truth is; if the written message is as confusing as the verbal massage the same result is reached, misunderstanding and disinterest. The problem is that written skills have become a lost art.

Most of us learned in high school or college that you need to write like you speak, with good verbal skills. Strangely enough, we all had more training in written skills than in verbal skills. Most of us received a full 12 years of training in written skills but only use them 9% of the time. Our speaking skills were really only taught 1-2 years and we use 35% of the time. Our verbal skills have also been affected by our environments; the amount of formal education we have had and the local community. We communicate well using local language among local people. When we work in a diverse environment such as a casino we lose a lot of meaning and create misunderstandings. The more rural the casino, the more influence the local language.

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Factors to Remember

We have forgotten one of the first lessons we were taught. Always remember the big “Ws”:

WHO… Who is the primary reader? Who should get copies?

WHAT… What are you trying to get accomplished? Action? Inform? Apologize? Refuse? or Propose?

WHY… Why are you writing now? Why is this important or interesting to the reader?

WHEN… When will things happen? When is the deadline? When will additional information follow?

WHERE… Where will it happen? Are directions needed? Where can additional information be obtained?

Importance of Technology in Using Written Communication:

Technology has also played an important role in how we use written communications. Computers inform us when our grammar and spelling is wrong but if you lack grammar skills it will not make a difference. E-mail lets you write like you speak and does not inform us when it is incorrect. It will send whatever you type.

Recently I asked a media class what they felt was their biggest problem and they said communications. Then I asked what the problem was with their communications and received only silence. That was their problem. However we communicate, we need understanding and response. These are the basis for communication. These classes those contemplate basic skills classes should concentrate on written skills and more advanced classes should concentrate on business writing. If you do not have basic skills classes, working with a local high school, tribal college or any local college will be a tremendous help.

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