What are the alternatives to the word ‘Great’?

Alternatives are everywhere. With either a choice or a possibility, the world is full of alternatives. One of the other, or the other in a continuous chain circling around us. And, so is in case of English language; full of alternatives, full of choice and possibilities. This inclusive attribute of the English language is what makes it so vibrant and diverse. We can underscore any of the words enlisted in English vocabulary to examine this vibrancy and diverse character of the English language. This article would speculate upon the alternatives of the word ‘Great’.

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The word ‘Great’ can be used as a noun, an adjective or an adverb depending upon the situation. In cases of a noun, it is used to denote someone’s importance or a distinguishing character of a person while in case of an adjective, its emphasis on the extent of intensity, quality or amount. For an adverb, it is used to mean very well.

Alternatives to the word ’Great’

  1. Awesome.

Sentence A: You have awesome handwriting.

Sentence B: The History book she gave provides an awesome account of the Mughal dynasty.

Sentence C: The painting is awesome.

  • Superb.

Sentence A: You have superb handwriting.

Sentence B: The painting is superb.

Sentence C:  She can cook some superb food.

  • Excellent.

Sentence A: His political knowledge is excellent.

Sentence B: I got excellent marks in my exam.

Sentence C: The painting is excellent.

  • Tremendous.

Sentence A: she can cook tremendous food.

Sentence B: His political knowledge is tremendous.

Sentence C: The history book she gave provides a tremendous account of the Mughal dynasty.

  • Immense.

Sentence A: I have got immense pressure on my back.

Sentence B: The history book she gave provides immense knowledge about the Mughal dynasty.

Sentence C: He has got immense political knowledge/ His political knowledge is immense.

You can even refer to other words for replacing ‘Great’ depending upon the situation and your convenience. This is exactly how flexible the English language is and the diverse character it holds. In order to know more synonyms and antonyms that can be used in a particular sentence, you may take an online spoken English training from EngConvo.

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