What is the situation in which the term ‘besides’ can be used?

What is the situation in which the term ‘besides’ can be used?

English proficiency enlists a range of vocabulary which can be used to denote a particular statement or express your feelings or opinions in a given situation. You will find various words to articulate a particular issue and even a particular word to emphasize myriads of opinions. The availability of numerous synonyms and antonyms of a particular word has been essential for allocating extra light and more colours into your content thus bringing into picture strengthened skills of the English language. EngConvo, one of the best online spoken English training site in India have incorporated methods for such strengthening of English skills thereby transforming you into a professional. Likewise, by taking a particular word from among the many, you will find how the word can be used in various situations to establish a fact or maybe a perspective in front of others. This article is framed to show exactly what are the situation in which the term ‘besides’  can be used.

Firstly you have to know and learn what does it stands for. The word ‘besides’ means ‘in addition to’.

The situations in which the word ‘besides’ are used:

  1. The word ‘besides’ can be used as a preposition meaning ‘in addition to’.

For example in a sentence like:  I hate driving; besides I don’t own a car.

Here, the context is depicting that I hate driving and in addition to that I don’t own a car which is required for driving.

Another example can be, I can give you a sticker beside the phone cover. A critical look at the sentence. You will find the preposition ‘besides’ is replacing the statement of ‘in addition to something’. In this case, a sticker with a phone cover.

  • The word ‘besides’ can be used as an adverb to state moreover.

In this particular case, the word ‘besides’ will be used as an adverb but with a change of content. For example, I hate driving; besides, I don’t even own a car. Don’t you think if you replace the word ‘besides’ with moreover the content would fit the demand of the statement? See,

I hate driving moreover I don’t own a car. Here you don’t need to give the word even. For stating moreover, the word ‘even’ is used along with the word ‘besides’.

  • The word ‘besides’ can be used as a preposition to denote ‘apart from’.

Here, you will find the word ‘besides’ used at the beginning of the sentence. Example, Besides the phone cover, I would also give you a sticker. Now replace the word with ‘apart from’ you will see exactly how the word ‘besides’ is being used in this context to establish the fact that along with the phone cover, you would also get a sticker.  The sentence is: Apart from the phone cover, I would also give you a sticker.

  • The word ‘besides’ can be used as an adverb to denote ‘as well’.

You will get to see some fine lines of difference in this particular situation. Besides, it might be fun. The fine line of difference is very simple here. By replacing it, the turnover stands ‘ it might be fun as well’

In this regard, the word is used at the beginning of the sentence but not as a preposition but an adverb.

The nature of vocabulary reaches its peak in this differentiation of its use in various situations or circumstances. The word ‘besides’ used in various circumstances was an example. There are multiples like this. To learn from depth, quickly get enlisted to EngConvo, the site giving online spoken English classes.

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