In the international platform, English is the most important language to
communicate in various sectors. For both oral and written communication, you can’t ignore the uses of English grammar. Whether you are a native English communicator or a learner, to express your thoughts perfectly, you need to use English grammar in your sentences properly. But, it is difficult for working professionals to attend English classes regularly. Hence, many of them prefer to learn English grammar online.

You need to follow some basic tips and techniques to learn English grammar.
Here we will discuss them in details.


You need to follow the below mentioned steps to learn English Grammar effectively. To learn English grammar online, you can’t ignore these simple

  • Create your goals. You should know about your strength and weaknesses. Also, you must decide where and how you will communicate in English. For example, in the corporate sector, you need to speak and write grammatical error free English.
  • Now break your goals. Decide what weaknesses you should overcome at first. Also, decide how you should practice. You may ask others to point out your mistakes. Record your spoken English or use audio and videos.
  • Learn a single topic at a time. Do not try to learn multiple lessons simultaneously. Learn a lesson in detail and practice regularly. Apply the teachings of that lesson and ask for reviews. Continue your practice until you master each and every rule mentioned in that lesson.
  • Study for a specific duration every day. There is no need to study longer.
  • You can study for half an hour daily. In the first few days, study some rules of English grammar. Then, do some exercises in the next few days.
  • After that, try to apply those rules in English sentences.

When studying English grammar online, you can’t ignore the basic learning


There are various online apps and websites which you can utilize to learn
English grammar online. An effective online tool must possess the resources containing all rules of English grammar. It should also offer properly arranged lessons and effective practice sessions. Some online tools may connect their users with tutors or experts online. Here, you just need an internet connection.
The English grammar online learning will reach at its perfection if your
performance is monitored by experts.

Now, we will discuss how online tools help in English grammar online learning.
Some of their activities are as follows-

  • Some tools offer short grammar lessons and exercises. These tools are not so effective if you want to learn advanced grammar. They follow short cuts to teach English. You can use these tools for academic purposes or to learn spoken English.
  • Few tools offer lessons of advanced English grammar. But, their practice sessions are not effective.
  • There are some tools which offer top-quality practice sessions. They ask their users to practice after completing each lesson. You can use the internet to connect the experts for feedbacks.
  • For advanced learners, there are some tools which perfectly identify the minute grammatical errors. For example, they will teach where to use “listen” and where to use “hear”.
  • Some tools have large stocks of videos and audios. You can use them to learn English by listening to English conversations. Some videos show the spoken sentences at the bottom of the screen. See the example below-
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  • For different types of English, there are different types of learning tools.
  • For instance, if you want to learn British English, there are specified tools for that.
  • If you are a first-time learner, you should learn with fun. Few tools offer this type of learning. They also use various digital games in their practice sessions.
  • For English grammar online learning, some tools offer grammar textbooks. Like a traditional textbook, these tools have arranged grammar chapters.
  • Apart from identifying grammatical errors in your practice, some tools repeatedly remind you so that you don’t repeat such errors. They also
  • explain the details of your mistakes and how you should avoid them.


You can use online learning tools to learn yourself. But, you can learn English grammar online by enrolling yourself in online courses. Thus, you will get proper guidance from online tutors. They will provide you various study materials online. At the same time, you will have a clear idea of your progress.

Though you can learn grammar online, it will be better to attend traditionally
English classes. Here, you can interact with other classmates and can enrich
your knowledge. Also, you will get more opportunities to engage in written practice sessions.

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