How to generate unlimited content to keep speaking on any topic?

Do you face a problem in generating the content when you have to speak suddenly on a topic? Here’s how you learn how to generate unlimited content to keep speaking on any topic.

In today’s world, both formal and informal speaking is one of the basic necessity of every individual. You get numerous opportunities to speak in different types of ceremonies. So, it is important to generate ideas so that you can speak on a topic comfortably. The first step is to start speaking comfortably.

For Beginners

If you lack in content or ideas on different topics, it’s important to form ideas. This can be done by two ways:

  1. Reading
  2. Listening


There are 2 important questions that lie whenever we think or start to read anything:

  1. What to read?
  2. How to read?

See, it’s important to know what to read because it helps in generating your content collectively. Keep on reading articles, stories, news updates etc.

For example:

If you are reading articles on topics like ‘Rape records of India’ , ‘Sexual Harassment in India’, ‘Molestation records of women at public places in India’. And somewhere you get to speak on a topic i.e. ‘ Crime against women in India’. Then you can easily compile all these articles that you have read. And you will be able to speak easily without facing any problem.

When you are reading something, read everything actively and by your heart.

This is how you generate unlimited content while reading.


The same 2 questins also originate when we are supposed to listen anything. i.e.

  1. What to listen?
  2. How to listen?

Answering the first question, we recommend you to listen to audio clips, news channels, Public Speakers, etc.

When you listen something, try to listen it empathetically so that you can feel what the person is trying to say.

Listening also helps in the compilation of the contents in the same way as Reading does.

For Advanced Speakers

When you do have the content on a topic but you are facing it difficult to speak, in that case, it’s recommended to frame questions on the topic. The list of questions generally start from – What, when, etc.

For example, If you have the content on the topic ‘Influence of Globalisation’. But you are unable to speak on it. then you should start framing questions – What is globalisation? ; When did it start? ; etc.

Framing these questions, and keeping them on your fingertips, and answer them one after another solves your problem. With this technique, you can also be structure while speaking on a topic.

So, this is how you learn how to generate unlimited content to keep speaking on any topic.


All of the above mentioned are the best techniques on how to generate unlimited content to keep speaking on any topic. These techniques can best be practised when you are having access to any Online English Speaking Course because Offline coaching institutes don’t focus on these key things.

And it’s so important to break the barriers that come in between your journey to become an effective speaker.

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