How to improve your pronunciation?

Speaking out words in any language is one thing and speaking out words with proper pronunciation is another! So, it’s quite important to know how to improve your pronunciation.


Proper pronunciation is defined as a replica of language sounds in such a way that the intended message is passed easily and is properly understood by a fluent speaker of the language in question. It also can be said that good pronunciation is that the one that native speakers don’t notice. The correct pronunciation of words while speaking is important to sound correct while using completely different words.

Improving Pronunciation

A good pronunciation beautifies your speaking skills. The best part of good pronunciation is that it can be acquired easily. There are easy techniques and by using them, you can improve your pronunciation. These are:

  1. Listening
  2. Using Text-to-Speech facility


Listening is the key to attain good pronunciation. We recommend you to listen to good Speakers, Efficient anchors of good News Channels, etc. When you actively listen to someone or something, your mind starts assessing the pronunciations of the words as well. And in this way, you get the correct pronunciation of the words.

By listening, you can know the correct pronunciation of a word. But after knowing you must speak so that you do improve your pronunciation.

Record and Listen

This is also a great technique when you want to know how to improve your pronunciation. What you’ve got to do is to record your voice and listen. And then compare it with the correct pronunciation. You can know the correct pronunciation by using different applications. As a lot of them provide the facility of Text-to-speech.

So, this is how you learn how to improve your pronunciation.

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